Diamond Tufts Wall Hanging by Abby Seymour

This wall hanging has a timeless and contemporary style that integrates geometry and intricate texture. Bold geometric shapes are paired together creating a totem like form. A perfect statement piece of art to hang in your home and add some character.

As the wall hanging sways and the movement of each element catches the light it highlights the brass sparkling and golden.

Other embellished details include hand cut brass, hand formed white ceramic porcelain beads to match the cotton and linen yarn tassels. Each element is linked together with brass rings that help the promote movement in the pieces, catching the beauty in the light of each element and material.
Maker: Abby Seymour
  • Hand made in Melbourne
  • Wall Hanging
  • Brass, porcelain, yarn

Size: 32cm high x 16cm wide

Please note: Brass is a metal which tarnishes over time, especially when handled. It can be cleaned using Brasso.

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