E + B French Blue Long Skirt by Elizabeth + Birgitta

Pleated pull on skirt in medium-heavy weight linen. Sits just above the ankle. Has side pockets and elasticated back. French navy with a subtle check. 

  • Small suits AU 8-10 | Medium suits AU 10-12
  • 100% linen
  • Colour is French navy with subtle check.
  • Handwash in cold water
  • Made in Australia

 Maker: Elizabeth + Birgitta

Made with care, without fuss, with minimal waste. Cut and sewn from kept cloth, with time, with small stitches. For everyday, for all seasons, for years.

Elizabeth + Birgitta is a collaboration between Melbourne based clothing designers and makers Birgitta Helmersson who usually works under her own name (birgittahelmersson.com) and Elizabeth Yong of Primoeza (primoeza.com).

The project originated out of a mutual love of simple but refined patterns, soft linens and handworked detail. Having a strong interest in sustainable fashion, Elizabeth and Birgitta also sought to eschew some of the more demanding and wasteful aspects of clothing production by reworking existing patterns, using available materials and initially making the collection available on a made to order basis. Everything is produced in Collingwood, Melbourne. 

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